Yoga Is Not (Just) Stretching

Yoga Is Not (Just) Stretching Mention yoga, and most of us picture rubbery young women flowing gracefully through all kinds of poses. Or perhaps we recall black-and-white photos of emaciated Indian gurus with their feet tucked behind their heads. But, as my philosophy professor Douglas Brooks quipped, “Yoga is not stretching in Sanskrit!” In fact—bad […]

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About those resolutions…

HOW’S IT GOING? Dear Students, Friends, and Colleagues, Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution. Maybe you tried changing some “bad” habits in the past year. If so, how’s it going? I’ve read that most resolutions fail. Period. Which is why the fitness industry loves January—any January, any and every year! Because they know that

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yoga for runners

Yoga For Runners

YOGA FOR RUNNERS All sports involve repetition, and repetition can easily lead to injury. Push one muscle group or body part hard enough, and something’s gonna give. Running combines relentless repetition with high impact: a perfect storm that’s wreaked havoc on many bodies! Here’s the scoop about: the most common complaints why they happen how

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Yoga And The Active Life

Yoga and The Active Life Most yoga students are active people. Yoga is only one box they check on their day or week of sports, fitness, and overall health. Many come to yoga with some vague goal of “stretching.” But very few know that yoga can enhance their abilities–and their enjoyment—of running, swimming, surfing, tennis,

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lois nesbitt yoga manifesto

Smart Yoga Manifesto

What is “Smart” Yoga? And why have I waited this long to talk about it? Well, mea culpa: I should have brought this up years ago. Frankly, I feared backlash from people who feared I was implying that a lot of the yoga out there is dumb. Well, it is. And I’ll explain why. In

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