Yoga: Your Super Power


Dear Students, Friends, and Colleagues,

Good news! You can now watch “Yoga: Your Super Power,” online!

You’ll learn how yoga gives you extraordinary energy and how to channel that energy in the best way!

Say goodbye to time wasting, indecision, stalling, and all other forms of under-performing. Free up the energy you’ve accumulated through all of those up and down dogs, and say hello to a greater and more joyful life!

Attached for your private benefit is the PowerPoint I use throughout the discussion—yours to keep and enjoy as a valued member of my yoga community. In the meantime, please share the Youtube link with any and all!

Questions, reactions, opinions, and suggestions for future talks are appreciated!

I’d like to expand this into future talks on the many ways yoga can enrich our daily lives. Please share your thoughts on any existing platforms that might like to host similar in-person or virtual presentations (cultural and wellness spaces, schools, and corporations as well as websites, podcasts, and online publications). All teachings are adaptable to audio/video, podcast, and written forms.

Yoga News Oct 31, 2023

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