Yoga Teachers Pay Rent, Too!

Dear Friends,

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Seems like everyone’s a yoga teacher these days–or thinking about becoming one.It’s become hip, stylish, even glamorous.

Yet making a “living” teaching yoga has never been easy. There are only so many hours in the day and so many students willing and able to show up for class or pay for private lessons.

No one likes to talk about this, cuz it doesn’t seem “spiritual,” but the bottom line is that yoga teachers are people too, with needs for shelter, food, healthcare, insurance, and other basic stuff.

So how can you thrive as a yoga teacher on and off the mat? As in any field, the cream rises to the top. An engaging personality helps. Charisma helps. But what really makes a great teacher stand out is pouring your heart and mind into what you love most about yoga, learning everything you can about your “niche” (be it yoga that makes people sweat, restoratives, chanting, breathwork, meditation, injury
prevention, or life-changing spiritual teachings), and figuring out how to reach kindred spirits crying out for what you have to offer.

No basic yoga teacher training program can dive deep into these waters, and few
students of 200-hour yoga teacher trainings have any idea what their niche will be
until they’ve been in the seat of the teacher for a while.
But too often teachers get comfortable and settle into what becomes a teaching rut, offering generic classes or lessons that don’t reach into their own depths or touch
those of their students.

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Our Advanced Yoga Teacher Training will ask the right questions, offer some answers, and guide you toward a mode of teaching that only you can provide. This

course isn’t just for self-enrichment–it’s a service you owe to your students and your community!

We all know our culture is at a major crossroads right now. Step up to the plate! Have the courage to invest in yourself and be the change you want to see in the world!

**Note: this course is designed to cover many areas of yoga and yoga teaching, in hopes that it will awaken parts of you that now lie buried. However, if you already
know where you want to go, speak to Lois and Karen about ways to personalize the course by attending the portions that matter most to you.

Questions? Lots of details below, and of course feel free to reach out to:

Lois Nesbitt – loisnesbitt1@gmail.com
Karen Mandell – mandell201@optonline.net
Lois Nesbitt Yoga 300-Hour 
Advanced Teacher Training 
with Lois Nesbitt and Karen Mandell 
and Guest Teacher April Puciata
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This 300 hour Yoga Alliance® course is for those students/teachers who have already successfully completed a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance® approved certification program and want to take their education to the next level.

As the practice of yoga becomes more and more popular, the level of yoga practitioner has matured. As students learn more, they are seeking out a higher caliber of teacher who can attend to their individual needs and help them to advance in their practices. Master teacher Lois Nesbitt and Sattva Yoga’s Karen Mandell have designed this course to provide you with the wisdom and skills necessary to meet this challenge and the tools to instruct inspiring classes while elevating your own personal development.
The course presents an in-depth study of topics such as:

Advanced Asana
Creative Sequencing and Adjustments
Advanced Pranayama and Meditation
Yoga Philosophy and Traditions
Yoga Anatomy
Injury Prevention
Chakras and the Subtle Body
Teaching Specialty Yoga Categories such as Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga
and Prenatal Yoga
The course will take place over 9 months (with a 2 month break for summer) and will be held during weekdays as well as weekends to accommodate your teaching schedule. We understand that you all have busy lives and may well not be able to attend all training sessions. We have a fairly lenient absentee policy as well as options for making up what you cannot attend. Please feel free to reach out to Karen and/or Lois with any concerns so we can create a plan that works for you.
Friday 6-9 PM (selected weeks)
Saturday 1-7 PM
Sunday 2-7 PM
Monday 12-5 PM
Tuesday 9:30 AM – 4 PM
Wednesday 11:30AM – 3:30PM (selected weeks)
Thursday 11AM -4:30 PM
** Full schedule with dates listed on the Sattva Yoga website.
Full tuition $3900

Early Bird Rate (paid in full by Jan 1 2017) $3600

$500 Deposit required to register

About the teachers:

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Lois Nesbitt E-RYT 500, RPYT

Lois has devoted herself to sharing yoga with students and teachers in New York City and the Hamptons for almost two decades. She attracts students of all levels with her engaging and informative style. Her upbeat classes fuse an energizing flow with state-of- the-art alignment, enabling every body to practice safely and joyfully.

Known worldwide as a teacher’s teacher, Lois has guided hundreds of aspiring students across the threshold into the art of teaching. Lois was a leader in the Anusara Yoga community and has studied the history and philosophy of yoga with the world’s top scholars. Lois also practiced Mysore-style Ashtanga yoga for almost ten years, immersing herself in the power of breath-oriented flow.

In addition to her public classes and private lessons, Lois also leads retreats and workshops internationally.Through her popular public Injury Clinics and private lessons, she has helped many out of pain caused by injuries, accidents, surgeries, and life’s daily wear and tear on the body.

Before dedicating herself to yoga, Lois was a professional writer, editor, and artist. She received her B.A., Magna cum laude, from Harvard University and her Ph.D. from Princeton University, where she taught literature and writing.

Topics covered by Lois will include:

Advanced Asanas
Anatomy for Asanas
Philosophy of Yoga
Creative Sequencing
Injury Prevention
Hands-on Adjustments

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Karen Mandell E-RYT- 500

Karen began practicing yoga in 1998 as a means to escape her fast paced life as a fashion executive in New York City. She soon discovered how a regular yoga practice brought a much needed balance to her life on both a physical and spiritual level as well as a deeper connection with herself and the world around her.

She was called to teaching in 2009 and received her 200-hour certification from the Bright Spirit Yoga Teacher training with Jillian Pransky and Carrie Parker. She went on to receive her 300-hour training and certification at ISHTA Yoga in NYC with Kavi Yogiraj Alan Finger. Karen also received her Advanced Level Restorative and Therapeutics Yoga Training with Jillian Pransky at Yoga Works as well as her Yin Yoga Levels 1 &2 certification with Ulrica Norberg and additional Yin Yoga trainings with Sarah Powers and Paul Grilley.

Her classes combine the graceful flow and energy of Vinyasa yoga with the grounding and releasing elements of Yin yoga along with balancing pranayama (breath), kria and meditation techniques. She began teaching to teachers herself in 2013, sharing what was shared with her by these masters in various teacher training programs as well as her own Sattva Yoga Restorative Yoga training and Yin Yoga training.

Topics covered by Karen will include:

Chakras Subtle Body and
Applying Chakra Principles to Asanas
Yin Yoga Yin-Yang Principles of Yoga
Restorative Yoga
Yoga Nidra

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April Puciata E-RYT 500, RPYT, Reiki Master

April completed her 500 hour teacher training under the guidance of Kavi Yogiraj Alan Finger. April has dedicated
the last 17 years to teaching and studying her yoga. She taught classes at ISHTA Yoga and YogaWorks in New York City for nearly a decade. Since 2010 April has been teaching in Washington D.C., and has had the privilege to bring both the ISHTA 200 Hr and 300 Hr teacher trainings to the DC area.  She has been a part of many teacher training programs, sharing her love and knowledge of yogic texts, the subtle body and chakras. In 2012 she created Shakti Inspired, the only 85 hours Prenatal Yoga teacher training program in Washington DC and also a began a mentoring program for teachers.

April has studied with Shiva Rea, Sean Corn, and Mark Whitwell. She has completed prenatal certification with Janice Clarfield, Reiki Master Training with Brett Bevell, and has earned a Relax and Renew® Trainer certificate with Judith Laster. April continues to study with Alan Finger at ISHTA Yoga in NYC, most recently completing level 2 Marma Points (an Ayurvedic technique) and is grateful for all of his guidance.

Topics covered by April will include:

Advanced Asanas
Pranayama and Meditation
Pre-Natal Yoga

Sign up at: http://www.sattvayogajc.com/teacher-training

Questions? Email: info@sattvayogajc.com

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