Yoga News April 2024

Here are some ways you can shift your practice to meet the seasonal (and daily!) flipflop:

  1. Cool days call for warming practices: High-energy asana like Sun Salutations, arm balances, and backbends.
  2. Warmer days are ideal for longer holdings of deep stretches, as your body melts its wintry contraction. If you suffer from “spring fever,” feeling sluggish or dopey, you’re better off slowing down than muscling through it and ending up even more depleted.
Lois Back Bend

3. Neutral poses like headstand and twists bring you back to the happy place in the middle.

4. Restorative poses (haul out the bolsters, blankets, neck rolls, and eye masks) give your system a much-needed pause to recharge your batteries.

Restorative yoga

Ayurveda also identifies your individual tendencies, which make you more or less susceptible to specific weather. Firey people can combust in summer, airy people come unhinged in autumn, earthy people grow catatonic in winter. Yoga’s practice of svadhyaha (self-study) encourages us to get to know ourselves so we’re better prepared to adapt to life’s rollercoaster. Not sure how this works? You won’t get much help from group classes. In private lessons I can give you the tools and the know-how to practice a yoga that allows you to live your best life.

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