What’s Up for 2017 and Lessons from 2016

Dear Students, Friends, and Colleagues,
As we round the bend into another year, here are a few offerings on the horizon:



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Good news to all of you who have been so patiently awaiting the completion of Hip Op, my upcoming book about my life-changing hip replacement and what it takes to survive and thrive no matter what comes your way! The manuscript is done, and I am revising based on input from a few trusted readers. I have a great team lined up to handle the production, so looking to get the book out as soon as humanly possible. If you haven’t donated to the cause and/or would like an early ebook or hard copy, please contact my assistant Say at loisnesbittyoga@gmail.com, who is taking orders.

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Beginning in February, my friend Karen Mandell and I will be offering a program of advanced studies in yoga at her sparkling new studio in Jersey City, a short Path train ride across the Hudson from Manhattan. This course is designed for:

1. Teachers who have completed a Yoga Alliance 200-hour teacher training can take the whole 300 hours and qualify for Yoga Alliance 500-hour status–a prereq to standing out in today’s crowded field of teachers.

2. Teachers can take specific modules as part of Yoga Alliance’s annual Continuing Education requirement.

The program runs on a combination of weekdays and weekends. Full info and application at www.loisnesbittyoga.com. Questions? Feel free to reach out via email, cell, or text: loisnesbitt1@gmail.com, (917)975-8009.

Melbourne Australia 
June 17-25

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I’m delighted to be returning to OZ, as natives call it–a gem of a place tucked away in the South Pacific! Last time I fell in love with my host city of Melbourne, and seriously considered repatriating! So if you’re up for a civilized adventure (the city is known as the Paris of Australia, with beaches!), join me in June as I lead courses on injury healing and prevention and adapting yoga to special populations, from runners, skiers, and surfers to raw beginners, old folks, computer users, and frequent flyers. All highly practical stuff you can put to use today!


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All of my classes at KamaDeva Yoga in East Hampton and Mandala Yoga in Amagansett continue through the winter-come in where it’s warm and rejuvenate your creaky winter body! Or attend my weekly Body Shop: Injury Clinic for some personalized attention to what ails you (full schedule at www.loisnesbittyoga.com).

I’m also hoping to team up with the Hospital for Special Surgery on Manhattan’s Upper East Side (where they worked their magic on my hip) to offer my skills to their public rehab team.


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Can’t make it to class? Pressed for time? In need of some individualized instruction? Everyone benefits from yoga one-on-one. In fact, it’s the only way yoga was ever taught until the 20 th century! I love being able to pour my attention and expertise into the puzzle that is each person and each body and devise a yoga that’s just right for you. Students and teachers of all levels can take their practice to the next level in private lessons. Contact loisnesbitt1@gmail.com or (917)975-8009 for sessions in Manhattan on weekdays and the Hamptons on weekends.


As we round out another year, I’d like to take time to share a few things I’ve learned in the past 12 months, and then move on to what’s in store for 2017. If you’re already looking ahead, feel free to skip over the lessons and pull out your datebooks. If you’re feeling reflective, join in my way of staying humble, malleable, and ever on my toes. Maybe you’ll be inspired to add a few of your own! I don’t subscribe to the belief that the human race gets better with time, and God knows the evidence isn’t pointing in that direction. However, I’m a firm believer that each person has the choice to continue to grow and to learn, and that it’s our responsibility to the greater whole to do our best. So, a few of my recent discoveries:

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1. Two people spouting fixed opinions does not a conversation make.
2. Listening is a lot harder than speaking.
3. Changing your mind about something important is even harder.
4. Most people just want to be heard.
5. Words I need to say (and believe), more often: “I could be wrong . . . .”
6. I’d rather be happy than right.

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7. Old people need accommodations, but that doesn’t mean they belong in the back seat. My parents continue to surprise me with their determination, their clarity, and their plain-old get up and go.
8. Good company comes from all directions, and has nothing to do with age, educational status, genealogy, or total net worth. Mix it up.
9. Books take more than a month to write.
10. Yoga teachers should practice what they preach. If my oxygen mask is not in place, I’m no good to you.

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11. Watch your pets. Every dog and cat stretches the minute they wake up from a nap.
12. Dogs and cats take naps, lots of naps, and they seem to enjoy life more than most humans.
13. Food rules (militant vegan, strident gluten-free, organic obsessive, raw purist, cleansers) are energy drains that erect walls between us and the world. Eat lasagna! Have a hamburger. Drink whole milk. I promise the sky won’t fall.

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14. Politics, shmolitics. How much good do most of us do for the greater whole?
15. If you don’t like the politic landscape, stick around and do something about it. Escape hatches are for cowards.
16. Nursing a resentment is like drinking poison and hoping the other person
17. Putting up a Christmas tree is a two-man job
18. Taking it down is just plain depressing.

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19. Getting all the strings of lights to work is probably futile. A new set at CVS goes for $2.99.
20. The best time of day is over by 9:00am; get used to waking up in the dark.
21. When in doubt, move. You can’t fix a sick brain with a sick brain. That dark mood isn’t going to lift on its own.
22. Being normal is highly overrated. As Thoreau wrote, “Grow wild according to thy nature.”

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23. Forget my metal hip. Wearing too many layers of clothes can set off the airport security. If you’re in a hurry or don’t welcome a pat down, leave the wet bikini and yoga clothes in the car. Dress like normal people (exception to #22).
24. If you’re doing something questionable, act like you know what you’re doing, and chances are no one will notice.
25. Avoid airplane, train, and public-space skirmishes by pretending you don’t speak English.
26. Am Ex is not your friend once your balance hits the stratosphere.
27. Go for cheerful over grumpy in every situation. It’s foolproof and a lot more fun.
28. When in doubt, laugh. The alternatives are too painful.

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29. I could have finished The Book by now if I could resist distractions like
writing this list, joining the DAR, and planning to take up sailing once again.
30. But every good girl deserves fun!

Happy Happy and All the Best for a Great New Year!

Lois Nesbitt
Lois Nesbitt Yoga | 917-975-8009 | loisnesbitt1@gmail.com | loisnesbittyoga.com

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