Thank You, 2014!


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‘Thank You, 2014!’

Dear Friends,
Life is a gift, and every experience is a gift, however baffling its outer wrappings. My roller-coaster ride through 2014 offered enough gifts to last a lifetime. Here a few things I never knew before, some people I am grateful to, and some things you should check out in 2015.

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1. Some of the elevators in the New York subway stations actually work
2. It’s okay to ask for help, but you usually don’t have to because someone always offers
3. This body is insanely resilient.
4. When you can’t use your hand, use your elbow. When you can’t walk, crawl. When in doubt, keep moving. When you can’t move, use your noggin.
5. Even if/when the body fails us, life keeps offering sublime gifts of all sorts, like grilled baby octopus and Agatha Christie.
6. Letting the other person be right quiets the mind like nothing else.
7. Driving like an old lady (or walking through New York like a dazed tourist) not only prolongs but sweetens your life.
8. Telling people exactly how you are not perfect is the gateway to connection 24221f49 d27a 4c6f a459 fb34ce92b1ca.
9. A good laugh is worth a Whole Foods full of supplements
10. New hips make sounds when you go through airport security.
11. Most adults never change their minds about the big issues, and live in very small worlds.
12. The stories about China’s air pollution are true.
13. Fanquila is Mandarin for “flip over.”
14. The eject button on the new Macbook Air is now the on/off button.
15. Apple’s Genius Bar is its own timezone
16. All those secrets you have? Forget about Santa, the Cloud has been watching


48a629f2 d29a 49a9 85dc b09c21dc60901. Why some doorknobs are on the right, and others on the left.
2. Why doing yoga gives you more energy than it consumes.
3. Why no one has thought to hook up all those marathoners, triathletes, and iron men to generators and reduce our carbon footprint.
4. Why the Chinese think age is a good thing while Americans think it’s something to hide.
5. Why jetlag going west to east is much worse than going east to west.
6. Why the smartest species does the dumbest things.
7. Whatever happened to safety pins? Skate keys? TV dinners? 1-2-3 Jello?
8. How to cook rice.
9. What I was walking into the room to get.
c659ace3 dd40 4073 944c bf5f302aabba10. Why I can say “hello” and “thank you” in Mandarin, but not “good-bye” and “you’re welcome.”
11. How daylights savings works.
12. Why we have leap years.
13. Why we have to vote when the electoral college calls the shots.
14. What we ate before kale, acai berries, and Starbucks triple lattes.
15. Why gluten is evil.
16. How a woman can reach middle age without ever having grown up.
17. Why it takes a village to manage one life.
18. What’s really going on out there.


1. Dr. David Mayman and the staff of the Hospital for Special Surgery for providing me with a new hip that does everything the old one did (which if you know me, you know is a lot!), pain-free52969832 06db 46e7 b599 aec871fa252f
2. Alex Morales, physical therapist extraordinaire at Infinity Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, who kicked my butt and guided my lightning-speed recovery
3. All the friends and students and colleagues and family that supported me on this new adventure into biotech
4. Dr. Steven Beldner, who fixed a tricky finger that stopped straightening
5. My housemates in East Hampton, who did the heavy lifting when needed and generously offered help of all sorts throughout the year
6. The staff of my apartment building in New York, who treat me like a queen even when I’m not d3473b9b3 0baf 420c 8365 8bc7c633cdb3isabled!
7. My home studios, KamaDeva Yoga in East Hampton and Mandala Yoga in Amagansett, who have so graciously hosted me throughout the years
8. My new open-air gig, Yoga in the Vines, at Wolffer Vineyards in Sagaponack, and its creator Erica Velasquez
9. Sayaka Kubo, my trusted assistant, who does everything I suck at, which is a lot, and fast!
10. Kim Heirston, Beverley Murphy, Peter Turino, Jennifer Corazzo, Mary Melodee Mena, The Nature Conservancy, Thd75db042 2a5f 4806 a593 8ca092eea986e  Group for the East, and the staff at Duggal Visual Solutions, who have all helped launch my artwork back into the public realm (see #4 below)
11. My parents, who drop whatever they are doing to listen as I ramble on my cell phone
12. My students and friends in China, who still find it worthwhile to fly me around the world to share my yogic knowledge and skills
13. Anyone I forgot to mention.

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A few things to sample in 2015:
1. Pick a (yoga) pose, any pose, that you’ve been avoiding and make friends with it.
2. Check out my 5-minute videos on YouTube and learn how to work on your computer, sleep, and drive without trashing your body. Keep browsing for more videos on getting into tricky poses or refining your teaching skills. 3. Get a Fitbit and start walking-though alas, it can’t track your yoga.
4. Walk dow336c4934 3502 4dc6 9771 1c836391a6a0n the other side of the street.
5. Visit loisnesbittart.com and pick out something fresh for your walls-and share the site with everyone!
6. Yoga teachers: consider mentoring with me-my new customized way of taking teachers to the next level. Visit my new website, www.loisnesbittyoga.com for details.
7. Sample the sweets by Flour Girl’s Jennifer Corazzo, my friend and housemate. www.flourgirl.biz
8. Take the middle seat.
9. Delegate. Everything.
10. Say thank you!

Lois Nesbitt Yoga | loisnesbitt1@gmail.com | http://www.loisnesbittyoga.com
Lois Nesbitt
95 Christopher Street #4E
New York, NY 10014

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