Summer Begins!


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Dear Students, Friends, and Colleagues,
School’s out! Memorial Day weekend is here, the official kickoff of summer. I hope this means more time outdoors for you—and, if you’re one of the happy few still working remotely, finding yourself even less tethered to the “office” than before the pandemic. And I truly hope that many of you find your way out to the Hamptons, where I’ll be leading outdoor classes at Wolffer Vineyard and small-group and private lessons (Summer Kickoff Special) throughout the East End. While I love the “off” season out East, I love to see old friends and new appear with the long, bright summer days.
Over the past few years I’ve been creating ways to adapt yoga for bodies in all shapes and sizes, all ages and—most importantly— for injuries and special conditions that sideline us from the sports and activities we love and make group yoga classes unworkable. I call it “The Workaround,” and I can create one for any body! More on how and why this works? Call me for a free consult. The East Hampton Star asked me why staying active is crucial at every age: here’s the scoop!
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Last fall I wrote about yoga for runners, with tips on how to stretch and strengthen your body to withstand the demands of pounding the pavement (or grass, or treadmill).
This month I put this into practice, making guest appearances at the starting line of 5K and half-marathon walk/runs. I guided runners through warmup sequences and provided hands-on adjustments to stretch muscles too often strained when ignored. And of course, I was there at the finish line to release tight hips, thighs, and calves and the strain they put on lower backs.
Training for a race? Don’t wait until the morning of! Start preparing your body now, and you’ll be much less likely to suffer strains, tears, and spasms while you remain fleet of foot! Yes, stretching can also shorten your times, as longer strides mean you run faster with less effort.
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Whether you run, walk, or sit at a desk, yoga will preserve your body at its best. But for me yoga’s greatest gift is the flow of seemingly infinite energy. My students often remark how I am consistently awake and alive and usually cheerful. I promise you both are the direct result of daily yoga. Without practice, I can slip into a slump or grow emotionally brittle as easily as civilians. Tap into the prana (life force, energy, chi) that animates your body-mind-heart, and you too can enjoy the fullness of life without succumbing to overwhelm. Summer is the perfect time to expand your practice and your life! So join me indoors, outdoors, or via Zoom. Remember, even plants know to turn toward the light!
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Sundays 10:15-11:15
Call it “Tuscan Yoga,” my classes at Wolffer Vineyard will transport you to a magical, timeless place. We’ll stretch and bend surrounded by the rows of vines that grow a little fuller each week. Gentle breezes and natural sunlight caress your body as you truly salute the sun! These playful classes are great for any and all—no exotic gymnastics, just a basic, well-rounded sequence designed to celebrate Sundays in the country.
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Private lessons are essential for the custom attention and regular tune ups we all need. I also lead small group classes for:
  • House parties
  • Birthdays
  • Reunions
  • Weddings
  • Ladies’ days and men’s retreats
  • Sports prep and recovery (tennis and golf tournaments, pickle-ball blowouts, long-haul swim, and any sport you rediscover after a lapse😊)
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  • New Students: 50% off your second lesson
  • Returning Students (after a lapse of 6 months+): Enjoy 2 lessons, get the 3rd free!

About Lois

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Lois Nesbitt, Ph.D., E-RYT 500, has practiced and taught yoga for 25 years. Known worldwide as an expert in the therapeutic benefits of anatomy applied to yoga, Lois has helped thousands of students in her group classes, teacher trainings, injury clinics, and private lessons to resume healthy yoga practices and lead happy lives. She attributes her skill in sharing complex ideas in simple and often playful ways to the excellent professors who mentored her at Harvard and Princeton.

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