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Mentoring program with myself, Elena Brower, Cyndi Lee, Leslie Kaminoff, Jackie Prete, Sue Elkind and Naime Jezzeny, Twee Merrigan, Darren Rhodes, Barbara Verrochi and Kristin Leigh, Christina Sell, Jessica Bellofatto, Jillian Pransky, Schuyler Grant
Dear Teachers,
Covid has caused many businesses to fold. As professionals who work with bodies, yoga teachers face some very real challenges—some too big to tackle alone! Whether your group classes have been cancelled, your trainings moved online, or your retreats put on hold, you’re probably waking up each day and wondering how to keep doing what you love: sharing yoga with people who need it now more than ever.
The good news? You don’t have to sweat this all on your own. COVID YOGA TEACHER SOS puts you in touch with today’s leading teachers and studio owners for candid conversations about what’s working, what’s not, and how you can put that to use in your own career.
Remember the friends you made and the bonds you formed during yoga teacher training? Join us as we gather to share strategies and support each other through the challenge of a lifetime!
COVID YOGA TEACHERS SOS begins soon, and space is limited!
I look forward to reuniting with you all!
I get it! We’re all strapped! So great news: I’ve streamlined the program and lowered the tuition (from $800 to $350) to make SOS affordable to all.
Seize this once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn from yoga’s top professional during this world-shifting time!
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You can still practice with me 24/7, anytime and anywhere! Enjoy recorded classes on Vimeo any time!


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Lois Nesbitt, Ph.D., E-RYT 500, has practiced and taught yoga for 25 years. Known worldwide as an expert in the therapeutic benefits of anatomy applied to yoga, Lois has helped thousands of students in her group classes, teacher trainings, injury clinics, and private lessons to resume healthy yoga practices and lead happy lives. She attributes her skill in sharing complex ideas in simple and often playful ways to the excellent professors who mentored her at Harvard and Princeton.

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