SOS TT 1B 9.27.20

Remember Yoga Teacher Training!?

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Dear Lois,
Whether you completed yoga teacher training in 1990 or 2019, nothing you learned could prepare you for how Covid-19 has turned our field upside-down.
You probably got trained because you like being around people, guiding bodies with your hands, brightening moods with your enthusiasm for life—not to be peering into the “Hollywood Squares” of a Zoom screen while trying to demonstrate poses on your living room carpet.
Take heart! It’s been a jolt to us all. But now we’re gathering to discuss best strategies for thriving in this new reality. COVID YOGA TEACHERS SOS invites you to talk with master teachers with 20, 30, or 40 years of experience about how we can each adapt our teaching to meet the needs of our students. And believe me, they’re still out there and more in need of yoga than ever!
Join the conversation and help shape the future of yoga!
COVID YOGA TEACHERS SOS begins October 17! Reserve your spot today.
Questions? Contact loisnesbitt1@gmail.com
Lois Nesbitt
Elena Brower, Cyndi Lee, Leslie Kaminoff, Jackie Prete, Sue Elkind and Naime Jezzeny, Twee Merrigan, Darren Rhodes, Barbara Verrochi and Kristin Leigh, Christina Sell, Jessica Bellofatto, Jillian Pransky, Schuyler Grant
October 17 – December 12
(8 sessions, off for Thanksgiving)
Saturdays 2:00-5:00pm EDT
*All sessions meet on Zoom and will be recorded for reviewing afterward
Early bird (paid in full by October 3): $300
Sign up with a friend: $300 each
*Count these 24 hours toward Yoga Alliance Continuing Education requirements and toward Lois’ Yoga Alliance 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training
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You can still practice with me 24/7, anytime and anywhere! Enjoy recorded classes on Vimeo any time!
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Lois Nesbitt, Ph.D., E-RYT 500, has practiced and taught yoga for 25 years. Known worldwide as an expert in the therapeutic benefits of anatomy applied to yoga, Lois has helped thousands of students in her group classes, teacher trainings, injury clinics, and private lessons to resume healthy yoga practices and lead happy lives. She attributes her skill in sharing complex ideas in simple and often playful ways to the excellent professors who mentored her at Harvard and Princeton.

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