In most professions, graduates follow up their basic training by apprenticing under master practitioners. Yoga teachers who complete teacher training realize that they have so much more to learn to teach safely and responsibly. Entering the classroom, they are often overwhelmed by the range and complexity of students’ individual needs—and may not have the tools to help. 


I apprenticed under master teachers Leslie Kaminoff, John Friend, and Douglas Brooks, spending thousands of hours observing how they worked and how to put their skills into practice. I also studied under the world’s top scholars during my undergraduate years at Harvard and my Ph.D. program at Princeton, where I learned how to share complex and important information with others. 

While I continue to lead teacher training programs internationally, I’m delighted to help teachers learn and grow through one-on-one mentoring.

How Mentoring Works?

3-month modules focus on clear goals tailored to your needs. Topics include:

• What Goes Where? The Art of Sequencing
• One Size Does Not Fit All: Teaching Private Lessons
• Injury Healing and Prevention
• Anatomy in Action
• Course Planning for Retreats, Immersions, and Teacher Trainings
• Why Yoga? What Makes Yoga Different from Any Other “Fitness” Program
• Yoga History: The Facts, the Myths, the Meaning
• The Business of Teaching Yoga: Be Professional!
• Stand out! Making the Most of Your Unique Gifts

lois nesbitt yoga

The Program

Each 3-month module includes:

• Phone, Zoom, WhatsApp, or Skype calls focused on specific topics
• review and assessment of teaching videos
• reading and writing
• practical exercises to put things into practice
• evaluation of progress and revision of goals as needed

The mentoring can be done “remotely” (online work, phone/video calls, and video reviews) or include live assisting/apprenticing/observing me in action or having me observe you.

Getting Started

1. Think about what you’d like to learn/refine in your teaching.
2. Email loisnesbitt1@gmail.com to set up an initial phone consultation on your desires and aspirations.
3. Work with me to create a program that meets your needs and more!

The mentoring can be done “remotely” (online work, phone/video calls, and video reviews) or include live assisting/apprenticing/observing me in action or having me observe you.

The 3-month commitment is a basic format to ensure that you have enough time to put what you are learning into practice. Of course, you may well not feel “finished” after 3 months, in which case you and Lois can decide the most productive way to continue your mentoring.


Lois is one of the world’s most qualified teacher trainers in all facets of yoga. She brings a unique combination of her intellect, her physical ability to practice most advanced yoga poses, and her passion to teach. She is always authentic and transparent, inspiring students to grow. I have learned to integrate yoga in my life way beyond my initial imagination.

- Shig O.
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