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Where the Wild Things – original collage done for the fundraising auction for the Group for the East End

Dear friends,

Most of you know me as the ever-active yoga teacher/anatomy geek/hands-on healer. But over the last few years a dormant part of my creativity and intelligence has also been awakened to my “previous” career–making and sharing art and design, all imbued with messages we all care about (most recently, the environment and education).
Below are some samples to encourage you to:
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    The Nature Conservancy
    Fish Wish Project

    Plan a truly special, unique, and memorable party, event, or gathering–this summer in the Hamptons or come fall either here or in New York City

  • Commission a limited-edition of objects that carry a message about what you care about most!
  • Simply enjoy one of my striking graphic works on your walls, available as original collages, limited-edition fine-art prints, or poster-quality budget repros!
I’ve carved a truly unique niche of service that bridges party/event planning, unique objects/takeaways/goody bag items, and graphic works on paper that precede each project and say it all!
Tempted to wake up your creative and visual skills? I collaborate with each client to be sure we get your message out in a way that’s clear, enticing, and affordable!
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Water bottle created for The Long Island Clean Water Partnership Rountable

Please read through the below text, which contains samples of recent work for Harvard University, The Nature Conservancy, The Group for the East End, and others.  And of course visit www.loisnesbittart.com to view the broader sweep of my 30-year career, find inspirations for what you want to create, and indulge yourself with a collage or print that brightens your day!

Throughout the summer, please contact me via cell/text (917) 975-8009 or loisnesbitt1@gmail.com. City-bound? It’s never too early (or late!) to start planning fall and winter in-town events!
In hopes of creating a more beautiful world,
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This spring my Harvard University Reunion Committee commissioned me to design tabletop décor for the five-day extravaganza. The task: fresh, engaging, interactive décor, different for each meal, 7 meals over 5 days for 600 guests.

Yipes! Oh, and yes, the designs had to be sustainable/zero-carbon footprint and light enough to stash in boxes between meals.
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I love a challenge and took this on with full creative energies. I set up mockup tables in my living room, experimenting with what worked, what didn’t, what looked best, what would be most fun for guests.

I designed the tables around the teams of memory, time, and space. Reunions give alums a chance to reflect on where they have been (metaphorically and  geographically), what they’ve done with their time, and which memories they treasure most. Each design featured variations on these themes. Below are a few with descriptions.
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Harvard Reunion Postcard

Harvard is a place of learning, questioning, growing. It is an incubator in which great ideas are hatched. (Hence the “lightbulbs” on this postcard–because great ideas come in all shapes and sizes!)

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Harvard Reunion Bookmark

Harvard’s motto, Veritas (Truth). What does that word mean to you? Take home a bookmark with the Harvard crest and write your own definition(s) of “truth.”

The event was a fantastic success, and I believe our tabletop ingenuity will inspire future ruins to toss the flowers and create something equally memorable! (Oh, and guests got to take home placemats, bookmarks, timelines, and exam blue books as souvenirs of our week together.)

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Harvard University Map Placemat
For The Group for the East End

For The Group for the East End “Where the Wild Things . . .” gala, Lois produced both an original collage for the auction and the “treasure pouches” found in the goody bags (see picture below).  Working with GFEE enables Lois to bring her passion for this planet and its wild variety of living creatures to life in forms that (hopefully!) delight and inspire others.

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For The Nature Conservancy

No one wants to sit down at a picnic and read a 30-page scientific document full of numbers about our water. Enter Lois Nesbitt, internationally exhibited artist and widely published author, who has turned her creative eye on what’s at stake and devised a user-friendly way to share the truth with ordinary people enjoying their summer holiday. Lois has designed a beach towel whose playful graphics (blades of sea grass, bay scallop and clam shells, etc.) remind us of what we value while illustrating the crisis at hand.

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See more at loisnesbittart.com

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