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Okay, procrastinators, this is it! My Yoga Immersion and Yoga Teacher Training begin October 14–reserve your spot today or wallow in regrets! Seize this rare opportunity to practice and learn under one of the world’s top yoga teachers, in a small-group setting. You’ll reap the rewards of:
  • deepening your practice and avoiding injuries by learning smart yoga
  • receiving individual guidance from a master teacher
  • tapping into why you do yoga and how it can open up your life
  • hitting the refresh button so you feel more awake and alive on and off the mat
Your choice–stay stuck or step forward!
Details below. Reserve your spot HERE.
Question? Email loisnesbitt1@gmail.com or (917) 975-8009
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In  Paradise (the Hamptons)!
Hosted by JB Yoga Studio
OCTOBER 2017 – APRIL 2018


Join me for a series of 3 weekend mini-retreats destined to carry you deeper into your practice and understanding of yoga. Follow through with weekends devoted to the skills and know-how you need to stand out as a teacher!
Why immerse? This program will:
  • lay out the tools to refine your practice on the mat
  • introduce you to powerful breathwork and blissful meditation
  • map out just enough anatomy for you to see how yoga works from the inside out-as well as yoga’s own view of the subtle (energy) body that shapes who you are and what you do
  • trace the origins of yoga and how it’s evolved from ancient India into the West’s most popular holistic therapy for body, mind, and heart
Get the Big Picture by signing on for all 3 weekends, or come to the weekends/days/sessions you can fit into your schedule. Either way, you’ll be glad you seized this opportunity to learn from one of the yoga world’s top instructors-right here in your backyard! ☺

October 14/15
October 28/29
November 18/19


Full program (all weekends)
$1300 if paid by Oct 14
$1400 if payment plan
$500/weekend if paying for just one or two weekends.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that yoga changes lives. It’s changed yours. Somehow, working from the outside in, from the body and breath into the mind and heart, we become better, and better connected, people. Our bodies feel better, we breathe more deeply, stress rolls off us, our minds clear, and we get happy!

This training will take you much deeper into your own exploration of yoga and prepare you to share this extraordinary gift with others. Specifically, you’ll learn:
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The GREAT IDEAS behind the major yoga traditions (did you know there is more than one?). Most yoga teacher trainings offer just a glimpse into one tiny corner of yoga history and philosophy. Simply, most teachers just don’t know the stuff I’ve spent years studying and figuring out how to make accessible to everyone.

How YOGA HAS CHANGED and continues to evolve to meet our modern lives. Again, if we don’t know our history, how can we see where we’re going? And if we tunnel into one style of yoga without getting the Big Picture, we miss out on some crucial changes happening all around us.
Techniques for moving safely into basic and advanced poses, using state-of-the-art, biomechanically sound ALIGNMENT. Yoga is based in energy flows (prana), but it recently got a big boost from Western anatomy. What you don’t know can hurt you–and your students. No one wants that.
  • Why BREATH is central to all yoga traditions and shapes our lives off the mat.
  • HOW THE BODY WORKS, on and off the mat (Anatomy for the Rest of Us)
  • The basics of AYURVEDA, India’s traditional medicine
And of course, you’ll learn the key skills to great teaching–because even the most advanced yogis need to learn how to share what they know, including:
  • TRAINING YOUR EYES to see what’s good, what’s “off,” what’s needed in any student’s pose
  • Using YOUR UNIQUE VOICE to give clear and effective instructions
  • Using YOUR HANDS to move students into optimal alignment
  • The art of SEQUENCING poses in your classes
  • How to DEMONSTRATE a pose to get your point across
  • Adapting yoga to WOMEN’S monthly and lifelong bodies
  • Teaching RESTORATIVE YOGA, for rest and recuperation.
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I’ve had the honor to train under world-class teachers throughout my 25 years of yoga practice and teaching. These teachers have served as mentors over extended periods of time, as well as personal friends and guides off the mat. I continue to seek out the best teachers and teachings across yoga and its related disciplines (physical therapy, Western and alternative medicine, physical fitness and athletics, competitive sports, philosophy, spirituality, nutrition, lifestyle).

Before turning to yoga, I received a parallel world-class education at Stanford, Harvard, and Princeton universities, topping it off with a Ph.D. in comparative literature. My excellent professors at these schools taught me priceless lessons in analytical thinking, open-minded curiosity, clear and creative expression, and endless enthusiasm for pursuing what one loves to the highest level.
I was lucky to take my second dive into yoga in New York City just a few years before yoga’s “second wave” went viral and a new studio opened up on every block. (Back when I started, people made jokes about my “yogurt,” and even my friends thought I’d joined a cult!) So I got to feel my way, make some mistakes, mend my ways, and go in search of better ideas and methods (for both my own practice and my teaching) before anyone put yoga teachers on a pedestal. It was also great to be in the company of great lifetime yogis who did what they did out of love, without the temptation of fame or fortune.
So by the time yoga’s tide rose, carrying me with it!, my values and my dedication to lifelong practice and learning were set in my bones. To this day, I’m so busy doing what I love and getting better at it that I hardly notice (much less believe!) that I seem to have acquired a world-class reputation of my own! (“Legendary” is how one recent and enthusiastic student described me☺)
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I realized early on that the most effective way to spread the knowledge and experience I had gathered was to train others to teach, so they could in turn reach out to others, like dropping the proverbial stone in the pond.

So while I love teaching group classes, offering private lessons, and leading delightful retreats, I devote a significant portion of each year to training yoga teachers.
Over the years, I have team-taught and gone solo at yoga studios in New York City and the Hamptons (including Yoga Zone/Be Yoga/Yoga Works, Virayoga, and KamaDeva Yoga), led dozens of Anusara Yoga teacher trainings in the U.S., Central America, Japan, and China, and most recently crafted my own approach to practice and teaching.
I’ve had time to figure out what works best, including:
  • CONTENT: I’ve experimented with and immersed myself in the top yoga styles and techniques. I’ve culled what I found most valuable and applicable for the range of students a teacher will encounter. I can make generalizations as well as offer individual recommendations.  I’m not tied to any one (or anyone’s) script. I pass on a living, breathing tradition, and I welcome your insights and inspirations into the stream of conscious conversation!
  • HOW MUCH INFORMATION to include in a first-level 200-hour teacher training (what to include, what to reserve for advanced trainings)
  • PACING: how many hours per day, days per week, or weekends per month to allow time for students to absorb the teachings while leading balanced lives
  • GROUP SIZE: I’ve seen teacher trainees get lost in large-group trainings. I like to keep things small, get to know the person behind the nametag, build relationships that carry on after graduation. Like I said above, pass through my door and you become part of my yoga family!
  • PRICING: value for (your) investment in time and money!  I’ve been to the Ivy League; I’ve been to public schools. I know enough not to squander anyone’s resources.

October 14/15
October 28/29
November 18/19
December 9/10
January 6/7
January 20/21
February 17/18
March 17/18
April 8/9
April 27/28


$3400 if paid in full by September 15
$3600 if paid in full by October 14
$3700 if paid via payment plan
Tuition includes: all training sessions, small-group mentor sessions, written and “practical” assignments and final assessment, lunches Saturday and Sunday, coffee and tea.  Housing options for those coming from out of the area. The Hamptons are easily and cheaply accessible from New York City and beyond by train, bus, or car.
*Payment plans and work-study (barter) options available for those with substantial financial challenges. Do not let costs pull you away from your dreams! There is always a way. Let me know your skill set and I’ll see if we’re a good fit.

Questions? Email loisnesbitt1@gmail.com or call 917-975-8009.

Ready to go? Reserve your spot today: Apply HERE.  
Other Offerings from Lois
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Advanced Classes at Mandala
My playful level 2/3 classes at Mandala Yoga in Amagansett (Fridays and Sundays at 3:00) are a great way to jumpstart you back to your best as summer approaches! Join us and watch your practice take off!

Sign up for class HERE.

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Injury Clinic at JBYoga
My weekly drop-in Injury Clinic at JBYoga in East Hampton (Mondays 10:45-11:30) allow you some individualized attention to help heal and prevent injuries of all sorts, yoga-related, car accidents, pre-and post-surguries, whatever! The clinic is by donation, an easy and productive way to work through whatever ails you. Come by for a taste of how I work with bodies in all conditions.

Sign up HERE.
Lois Nesbitt Yoga | 917-975-8009 | loisnesbitt1@gmail.com | loisnesbittyoga.com

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