Injury Training in China!

One Week Beijing Injury Training
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Teaching outer spiral to release tight hips
Dear friends,

My weeklong Injury Training course for yoga students and teachers in Beijing is coming to a close. As you can see from the photos, it’s been an active week!

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Ah, the lower back, source of so much suffering!

This morning I gave the group a pop quiz to see what they’ve retained and delighted to say that 33 new yogis in the PRC are ready to go out and help others dealing with all kinds of injuries, aches and pains!

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“Police lineup” to observe posture–check out the almost universal hyperextension of the knees!

I feel that each time I teach in China (this is trip #17, but who’s counting?!), I have so much to offer to advance the practice and teaching of yoga here, and the students and teachers are so eager to learn.

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Psoas I was saying . . . my translator gets a much needed dose of hands-on work!

If only we all spoke Sanskrit and could bypass the translation issue. (I’m way behind them–I know about 10 words in Mandarin, and many of them know at least some English!).

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I’m having a great time in China and happy to be sharing these photos with you.

At the same time, I’m very much looking forward to getting home and get back to working on my book, Hip Op. Your continued support is crucial to making this book a reality.

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Hip Op: Beyond Recover Campaign Video
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