Injury Clinic Worskhop in Mexico

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With Ann Moxey and Lois Nesbitt

January 23-26 and September 25-28, 2015

Bodies break down-yet yoga tells us they don’t have to! The right kind of yoga allows you to  practice safely and live free of injuries and afflictions, as well as to care for your body off the mat. This training guides you deep into the body, engaging your anatomy, your yoga, your mind and your heart as the route to healing from the inside out-and preventing future harm!

We’ll map out key parts of the body and focus the common injuries and conditions in each area. Come dressed for practice, as we’ll be doing some asanas and exercises as well as practicing hands-on healing adjustments on each other.

Bring your injuries as well as your minds 0b3766e4 915e 4c31 868e 7b814e1ac3d8and spirits as we identify problems and restore balance throughout the body. This deeply practical program will change the way you treat your body forever!

In addition to training teachers worldwide, Lois Nesbitt leads a weekly Injury Clinic in New York, where she has worked with everything from tight “typing shoulders” to students recovering from drastic events like earthquakes and the September 11 terrorist attack on New York City. Ann Moxey has created a unique blend of yoga, breathwork, and meditation to help those recovering from addictions, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other imbalances. Both Lois and Ann understand that healing can only happen when we fully engage our minds and hearts as well as our bodies and our breath. This unique program offers deep wisdom as well as practical training.



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  Our upper bodies suffer from poor posture: slumping, driving, working on a computer, carrying babies, as well as tension. Add to this unskillful yoga practice-putting weight on the arms, neck, and head without understanding how it works-can cause further damage. Learn how to open up, stand tall, breathe freely, and heal injuries to shoulders and neck.

Our arms and hands are our physical links to the world around us, yet we often abuse them through poor habits and sloppy yoga. Recover full use of these powerful limbs and practice free from pain!



We rarely give our feet and knees much thought-until they cause us pain! Yet the feet are what supports us as we stand and move through the world. The knee mediates between the foot and the rest of the body, often taking the strain of misalignments from above and below. Yoga and sports also place specific challenges on knees, often causing unnecessary injuries.

The pelvis is the body’s center of gravity. It is also the crucial link between the legs and the torso, shaping how we move as well as our overall posture. Pain in the hips and lower backs is everywhere today, as more of us sit most of the day.  Realigning the pelvis can release tight muscles, alleviate pain, and restore full range of movement. Why wait? Whatever your age, start today on the road to healthy hips!

**This course is for students and teachers of all levels.

RESERVE YOUR SPOT TODAY! Contact Tatiana Fernandez latatisfernandez@gmail.com

Email lois@blueskyyoga.com for inquiry.

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