How to Stay Young


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Forever Young—Yes, It’s Possible!
Dear Students, Friends, and Colleagues
Recently I had a rare chance to share how and why yoga can help you stay at your best—or restore you to fit and happy living if you’ve strayed off the path! Here’s the scoop:
Some takeaways:
1.     People are living longer than ever. What does 90, 100, or 110 look like in your body?
2.     The perils of not exercising, from heart failure to bone loss
3.     Physical exercise and mental well-being: Yup, they’re connected!
4.     How to pick the right yoga for you, now!
Ready to start, or restart? I’m here to guide you, in NYC, the Hamptons, or Zoom.
Contact loisnesbitt1@gmail.com or text (917)975-8009.
And as always, send your questions and comments! I’m here for you.:)


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The easiest way to get free of a bad habit is never to form one in the first place! Yoga is your one-stop shop for living free of harming yourself and others in mind, body, and spirit.
Practice yoga, and you won’t want to overeat, overdo caffeine or alcohol, yell at your kids, overwork, waste your time . . . the list goes on and on.
Upgrade your yoga as we launch 2023: Individual lessons (in person or
Zoom) are the fast track to change!
1. How can I help you? Find out with a free consult!
2. New students: Take 50% off your second lesson
3. Refer a friend and enjoy a free lesson


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About Lois

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Lois Nesbitt, Ph.D., E-RYT 500, has practiced and taught yoga for 25 years. Known worldwide as an expert in the therapeutic benefits of anatomy applied to yoga, Lois has helped thousands of students in her group classes, teacher trainings, injury clinics, and private lessons to resume healthy yoga practices and lead happy lives. She attributes her skill in sharing complex ideas in simple and often playful ways to the excellent professors who mentored her at Harvard and Princeton.

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