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Lois here! And apologies for long post-op silence (can’t believe it’s been almost a week). I left the hospital on Saturday, still a little woozy but desperate to get home where they wouldn’t be pumping me with IV and pill-form painkillers 24/7 and waking me up to check my vitals every few hours.

That said, I will miss my fine view of the East River, the patient and incredibly cheerful staff (must have had a couple dozen people looking out for me), and surprisingly good, made-to-order meals (grilled salmon, whole-wheat egg wraps, steamed veggies, fresh fruit salad).

Anyway, I’ve been a little out of touch partly from extensive and extending fatigue, and partly from nausea that’s persisted longer than reasonable (in my book). Addressing both the best I can, but phone conversations and visitors a little draining just now.

As for my complete willingness to lie still for hours on end (yes, we’re talking about Lois, the energizer bunny), my only concern is that maybe they gave me a slacker hip. If so, it’s in for a rude awakening when it realizes it’s landed on Planet Lois!

Good news is that my body feels quite strong. I went into “training” for the surgery and apparently it worked. I can walk around the apartment without a walker or cane, and pain is about 10% of pre-surgery. Physical therapy sessions truly baby stuff, but I’m trying to play by the rules since this is not my usual playing field. My building staff, God bless them, seem more than happy to do the heavy lifting. In a way, they are like the HSS staff, without the hospital. I’ve watched them cater to some infirm old ladies in the building over the years, and seems they just accept it as part of their job description.

Yesterday I rolled out my yoga mat and tried cat/cow and a yummy down dog. Hope to progress to plank and anything else that doesn’t challenge the hip (no crossing legs, no internal rotation). The doctor said no problem bending beyond 90 degrees, so I can actually sit up, though a classic slump is more comfortable.

I’ll be staying put in NYC for at least another week or two. I long to be out East, even just to gaze out at the ocean from the parking lot, but need the okay to ride trains and eventually drive. Expecting sooner rather than later for both.

All fall programs good to go as planned.

And for the record, this photo and the ones sent earlier, all shot by my excellent photographer/assistant Sayaka Kubo, were shot in late July, when pain at its worst. See? There is always something that’s possible!

Yoga News Sep 17, 2014

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