Hip Surgery

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Dear Friends,

Please excuse the group email, but I have some news to share and want those I treasure to be in the loop.

In early September, I am having a total hip replacement on my right hip. I have been in pain for about a year and a half, progressively worse in last few months. I had X-rays done in January and again in July that revealed significant arthritis in both hips, but much worse on the right. I had been hoping it was a muscular issue that I could work through by applying my own brand of yoga therapeutics combined with what I learned from others. However, the doctors I consulted all concurred that surgery is my only option.

I had a Cortisone shot in late July to ease the pain. My surgery is scheduled for Thursday, September 11 at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan. My surgeon is Dr. David Mayman, highly respected and highly recommended by two friends who have had hip replacements done by him.

I have kept quiet about this so far for several reasons. First, it was only after a final round of pre-op tests that I was told I could go ahead with the surgery. Second, I don’t want to scare anyone away from yoga, and especially the anatomically sound yoga I have taught for the past 15 years. (I fully admit and suspect that some of my earlier, less informed yoga practice may have contributed to this, along with genetics and some early not-so-great self-care.)

In any case, I’m seeing this not as an obstacle but a challenge. I’m lucky that hip surgery is a highly refined art in our culture. I’m also lucky to live near the best hospital in the world for joint surgeries. I’m especially grateful to have friends who have been down this road before me and have generously shared their wisdom and their experience. Finally, I’m blessed with parents who continue to care for and about me every way they can.

As my mom put it, this is just a “blip” in an otherwise extraordinarily healthy, happy, and active life. Those of you who know me well can probably guess that I am already imagining movements and exercises I can try out in my hospital bed! (Don’t worry, not going to do anything stupid.) I hope to be up and about as soon as possible following the surgery, probably within days.

While I’m not shouting this off the rooftops, I know that by sharing I will be able to help others along the way, and hopefully demystify anyone who thinks yoga teachers have perfect health. If you do share my news with anyone, please do so in that spirit.

And keep me in your prayers come September!

Yours gratefully for how each of you has already lit up my life!

Lois Nesbitt

Lois Nesbitt Yoga | loisnesbitt1@gmail.com | http://www.loisnesbittyoga.com
Lois Nesbitt
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