Hip Op: Beyon d Recovery

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8 months, post-op, who knew?!
Dear Friends,
On December 1, I am launching a crowd-funding campaign to gather the resources (time and $$) to write and publish Hip Op: Beyond Recovery. As a self-supporting yoga teacher, I’ve never asked for handouts from anyone. But there are only so many hours a day I can teach yoga, and still have the time/energy/focus to finish this book and share it with the world.

I need your help! Specifically, I need to gather 50% of my total costs ($8000, so half is $4000) before we go public to make this campaign a success. Any donation of any size welcomed! Go to Hip Op Book tab on www.loisnesbittyoga.com

to make your contribution today! And even more importantly, please share this request with anyone in your circle–facebook, Linked-in, friends and family, workplace colleagues, and of course anyone who’s ever gone through a life-changing challenge (and who hasn’t??).

In the meantime, a little more about the book and why it matters:

What do you do when life throws you a major curve ball? Try to ignore it? Try to dodge it? Bombard it with your will power? Lie down and play dead?

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Climbing the stairs after my hip gave out (July 2014)
Being all too human, I tried all of these when my right hip began to giv
e out. I’mactive (teach yoga), I’m willful, I think I’m smart, and I think I know a lot about the body (I run a weekly Injury Clinic where I help other people will all sorts of problems). When I could no longer ignore the pain, I still thought I could fix it. None of this worked. Over a 2-year period, no matter what I tried (limiting  my exercises and my yoga, changing  how I walked, bodywork galore, more Aleve than I care to admit, and finally cortisone), by the summer of 2014 I was basically crippled–limping and unable to climb stairs.

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In we go: Lois Nesbitt, DOB 6/17/5
The diagnosis: severe arthritis, bone on bone.

The solution: Total Hip Replacement or life as a semi-invalid.
I like to pride myself on my acrobatic yoga practice and my years of rigorous core fitness training. Everyone tells me I’m in incredible shape. But the bottom line is that, like most of us, I was a bit of a mess–all of which came up and out during my pre-op consultations and testing. I’d been severely anorexic as a pre-teen and teenager, which we now know can lead to early onset osteopenia and osteoporosis (I have both) as well as throwing off the entire hormonal system. I’ve had insomnia since childhood and can’t remember the last time I slept through the night. I did more than my share of drinking and drugging in my teens and twenties, before I had the good sense to stop, further breaking down my overall health. I got parasites on a yoga trip to India in 1996 and spent 7 years trying to rebuild my battered immune system, which honestly still kind of sucks.

So there I was, going into major surgery with frankly pretty iffy prospects (what if my thighbone cracked during the implant? What if I got an infection and couldn’t fend it off? What if I couldn’t sleep well enough to heal afterward?

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Post-op PT. Not for sissies!
But I really had no choice. So I did what I could to prepare and to recoup afterward. I humbled myself and listened to the wisdom of my doctors and PT. What I did was far from perfect, and there were lots of days when I doubted I had the will to go on.

But somehow, through the power of Grace and the support of what I call my “angels”–friends, family, medical professionals, hired assistants, and countless strangers who saw me hobbling about the city and offered to help me along–I not only got through it but came out the other end shining.
I’m sharing my story because everybody goes through something–injuries, illnesses, breakups, layoffs, and losses of every strip. I learned that there is always a solution, and often more than one. Your choices may not be easy, cheap, or comfortable, but help is out there. And it’s okay to ask for help, but you usually don’t have to because someone always offers.

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Beijing, 8 weeks post-op
I was lucky enough to rebound back to my former strength, flexibility, and stamina. But more importantly, going through this ordeal morphed me into a better person: I’m more patient with myself and others. I’m more generous and give away a lot of my time and energy when I see someone in need. I’m less rigid about what I think I need to do and who I need to be to be happy. I’m ready at last to join the human race–humble, grateful, and joyful. If I can do it, no matter what your challenges, you can too!

The official, public www.indiegogo.com launch is December 1,but advance donations from those who know and practice with me are crucial to getting the momentum to make the public launch a success.

Please donate today:

1. In person, at one of my public classes, injury clinics, or private lessons
2. Thru my website, www.loisnesbittyoga.com, click on the Hip Op book link and pay online

** Please note, while supplies last, my friend Lorena Calma, whose organic yoga clothing line AHM, has donated 80 yoga totes printed with inspiring messages. While supplies last (about 40 left), you can:
– purchase just the tote, for $25
– purchase the tote and the email book for $40
After December, perks for donations will be more expensive, so seize the day!
– Totes will be gifts for $50
– Totes plus ebook for $75
– Other gifts range from personal thank-you’s to free private lessons.

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Beijing, 8 weeks post-op, shaking hands with a student
Jump in and support this grassroots project. Let me share my hope and empower you all! Full credit given to each donor; anonymous contributions also welcomed!

Inspired but can’t give right now? Tell your story on wwwloisnesbittyoga.com, or simply email loisnesbitt1@gmail.com and I’ll send you updates as the project unfolds.

When you respond, please let me know how you would like to be identified:

1. ANGEL:  
  • make a financial contribution
  • share my goal with your peeps
2. TEAM MEMBER: take an active role in getting Hip Op out to the world:
  • share my project with your peeps
  • lend me your expertise in whichever fields your talents lie (everyone has something to offer, from graphic design to proofreading to social-network and SEO skills, to help sending out thank-you gifts, to negotiating the vast world of  marketing and press coverage to crowd-funding and self-publishing-it takes a village!)
  • send in your story of triumph over adversity (physical challenges, layoffs, breakups, losses of all sorts)-email loisnesbitt1@gmailcom


  • Do whatever you can, whenever you can, even if it’s just a friendly high-five to keep me going and remind me that this labor of love will do a lot of good to a lot of people!
Many thanks for helping a dream come true!

Lois Nesbit
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A couple of months before surgery. Praying it will all go well, and I’ll be able to walk again.

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