Greetings from China!

Tianyue International Yoga Celebration, Beijing
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Showing students how rooting the lower body allows the upper body to extend, taking weight off hips and lengthening the spine. And that’s my amazing translator Simon in the corner, doing his magic with English to Mandarin 🙂
Dear friends,
Greetings from Beijing, China!

I’m thrilled to be back in China working with these wonderful Chinese students on Day 1 at Tianyue International Yoga Celebration in Beijing.

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There were 200 enthusiastic students in the room and a waiting line outside for my one day workshop. Who knew? I’m a yoga rockstar in China 😉 There were lots of teachers at the festival but everyone seemed to want Lois!

My host studio had to rent an extra large space to fit everyone in, and still had to turn students away. I’m on a role in China!

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I’m so lucky to have a wonderful assistant (whom you can see in the picture below). My assistant Xiong takes care of me in and outside of the classroom. God bless him, it’s not easy to adjust to time difference and cultural change!

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Now I’m off to the 7-day Therapy/Injury Training next!

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Hip Op: Beyond Recover Campaign Video
Hip Op: Beyond Recover Campaign Video
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