Ghost Writing 09.23.20

Your Friendly Ghostwriter!
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Dear Lois,
81% of Americans want to write a book. Only a tiny fraction of those get written. Only a tiny, tiny fraction of those get published. Only a tiny, tiny, tiny fraction of those get read by more than a few dozen people.
  • Lots of good books never get written.
  • Lots of good books never sell.
  • As an industry insider, I know why.
As your ghostwriter, I have one goal:To shape your book so it will fly off the shelves! So people you don’t even know will buy it.
Maybe your book is still just an idea in your head. Or a collection of social-media posts and blogs. A stash of back-of-the-napkin insights. An unfinished manuscript buried under your stack of to-do’s.
You keep telling yourself that someday you’ll settle down and write that book, find an agent, and get it published. But deep down you know that’s never going to happen…. In fact, you wouldn’t know where to begin.
Now imagine someone who can take your material and turn it into a marketable literary property—that’s right! Not just a good read, but something that can find its way into bookstores and people’s hands because it speaks to a real need among readers today.
A need that only you can fill.
Every book—and every author—is unique, so I tailor my services to your needs. You’ll get the help your book deserves. Together, we’ll turn your dream into reality.
Whether you’ve had an unusual (or unusually successful!) career, found a great way to clean house or clean up the planet, raised kids your own way, saved lives or salvaged relationships, climbed to great heights or engineered serial failures, I can help tell your story. Or someone else’s: the grandmother who held a disparate family together, the gifted artist history overlooked, the person who changed your life forever.
Ghostwriters are fast filling the gaps once occupied by agents, editors, and publishers: turning authors’ ideas into page turners. Think of me as your confidante, co-creator, writer behind the author (you!), editor, packager, and general marketing prepper. Full-service provider from conception to completion and beyond.
Visit my website www.ghostrightings.com for the full scoop. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation to learn what’s best for you!
Lois Nesbitt, Ph.D.
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Lois’ passion for words led her to study journalism at Stanford University, where she launched a career as a freelance writer. Completing her B.A. at Harvard while working on The Harvard Crimson, she moved on to complete a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature at Princeton University, where she taught literature and writing.
Lois’ articles, criticism, and book reviews have appeared in The New York Times Book Review, The Boston Phoenix, Artforum, ArtNews, Elle, Kirkus Reviews, Princeton Alumni Weekly, and countless books and catalogues. She’s edited and revised books for Princeton University Press, MIT Press, Columbia University, Rizzoli International, MoMA (New York), and others.
Lois completed a yearlong professional ghostwriter training—the only such program in the world, providing her skills and knowledge most “freelance” ghostwriters lack.
During her 30 years of teaching and training teachers, she’s listened closely to her students. She guides them to clarify what they want to say and how to say it, drawing out skills and talents they didn’t know they had. Because everyone—and that includes you—has something to say that deserves hearing!

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