One size does not fit all! No two people are alike. Allow Lois, a world-renown expert on yoga practice and therapeutics, to customize a program that keeps you moving! Individual sessions target:

  • Raw beginners who want to enjoy smart, safe yoga
  • Seasoned yogis who want to get more out of their practice
  • People with injuries who want to be active in their own recovery
  • Anyone who wants to prevent future injuries and life’s wear and tear

Are private yoga lessons right for you?

Bring your questions to a free consult with Lois—
no commitments,
no strings attached!

You have nothing to lose except unnecessary pains and limitations. Remember, you only get one body for this lifetime! 🙂

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Lois is an outstanding teacher and an excellent motivator. More importantly, for me, she is a student of the human body and how it changes and performs (or does not) as one gets older. She has the ability and the knowledge to choose the right exercises and stretches for the body and the mind issues that her students bring to her class and carry around with them. She takes great pride in finding the key to unlocking your ailments and improving your motion.

- Rick R.


I came to Lois shortly after my fourth spine surgery and in a fair amount of pain and spasm. Lois- who has a deep knowledge of anatomy, physiology and is a master of multiple modalities- took the time to do an extraordinarily thorough assessment of my limitations, needs, and desires. She quickly put together an exercise and stretching program for me that was highly personalized that reduced my symptoms and got me back into being able to exercise again. She is devoted, caring, smart, and a lifelong student of the human body. I am deeply grateful.​

-David D., MD.


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