Costa Rica Last Minu te Special

Paradise Yoga Retreat

with Lois Nesbitt

February 1-8, 2014

Pura Vida Spa, Costa Rica



SAVE $150! 

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Seize this last-minute golden opportunity to spend a delightful week in sunny, warm Costa Rica–enjoying playful yoga and individual attention from one of the planet’s most skillful and beloved teachers!

I invites you to join this unique opportunity to restore, recharge, and reignite the light within. We’ve all had enough of the cold by now-but the end of winter is nowhere in sight. Remember: you don’t get any brownie points for muscling through. Treat yourself well now and you’ll reap the benefits for months to come!

Save your spot today!  The clock is counting down to liftoff! Full details are below.

Note: to receive your last-minute $150 discount, please mention “Last-Minute Special” when making your reservation.


Yoga here, yoga there, yoga everywhere! But not all yogas are the same, and not all bodies are the same-and no body is the same every day! Having led dozens of retreats over the past two decades, I’ve come up with a program that really is right for each of you, no matter what your yoga experience and ability and how you happen to feel each day.


3eeab621 b062 4248 af71 a3ab9cfde4adEach day, I’ll offer an early-bird practice (intermediate/advanced/seasoned) for practitioners who love a challenge. Then mid-morning, I’ll lead a class geared to those just getting started, working around injuries, or just having a “slow” day. In the late afternoon, I’ll lead a middle-range session topped off with breathwork and meditation that welcomes everyone. Choose whatever works for you each day: options 1, 2, 3, or any combination! All classes will feature a varied flow of poses supported by cutting-edge alignment to allow each of you to practice safely and effectively.

Each day also includes a bonus lecture/discussion on how you can adapt your yoga practice to your life-from stress to sedentary jobs, excess travel, or cold weather-learn how to put together a sequence that gives you what you need. (Specific daily topics and handouts to be distributed).


8eab2085 992a 4649 8273 518e16056d35In between, you’ll sample delicious fresh local cuisine, from a breakfastcornucopia of exotic fruits, yogurt, eggs, and toast to a dazzling lunch buffet of amazing salads and tasty dinners with vegetarian and fish/chicken options. Indulge in some of the best massage in the Western hemisphere at Pura Vida’s world-renown spa. Zip-line through the rainforest, visit a live volcano, or marvel at the local butterfly farm. Or simply settle in and enjoy some peace poolside or gazing out over Costa Rica’s central valley.

I’ve led numerous retreats at Pura Vida over the years and just keep coming back! The resort pioneered the concept of a destination yoga resort back when, and holds to the highest standards of comfort and service ever since. All you need to do is say yes-to pura vida-the good life!

Any questions, feel free to reach out:



See you in the tropics!

Lois Nesbitt

Reserve Your Spot Today!
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Call Pura Vida at 888-515-4580, ext 233
or send an email to reservations@puravidaspa.com.

Retreat packages include: 7 nights lodgings, 3 meals daily and fresh fruit, coffee/tea, all yoga sessions, pool and hot tub, Latin dance classes,

and guided walks of surrounding coffee plantation,

resort Green House and Orchid house, and local airport shuttle.

Prices start at $1840.

Space is limited, of course!

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Questions? lois@blueskyyoga.com  or (917)975-8009
Save $150!
Remember to mention “LAST MINUTE SPECIAL”!

About Lois Nesbitt

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Lois Nesbitt, voted one of New York City’s Top Five Yoga Teachers by New York magazine, awakens a love of yoga in students of all ages and abilities. A seasoned teacher with more than 20 years of experience, Lois travels the globe to share her wit and wisdom in playful practices infused with precise instruction and a joyful life-affirming worldview. Widely respected as a “teacher’s teacher,” Lois has also trained hundreds of teachers. Possibly the world’s best educated yoga teacher, in addition to her many yoga certifications, Lois holds a B.A. from Harvard and a Ph.D. from Princeton.

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