Aging: Elephant In The Room


My recent “Yoga and the Active Life” blogs have focused on staying active in the sports we love. To stay active, we need to face the uncomfortable reality that we are getting older. As they say, no one gets out alive!

Let’s start by dropping two losing paths:

  1. Denying reality may lead you to compete with your younger self and end up with needless strains, breaks, and other injuries.
  2. Giving up will only accelerate your aging.

Everyone is aging: Whether you’re 21 or 41 or 81 or 91, time is working on you. You don’t have the same body/mind you did yesterday. We don’t beat aging or win the war on time. Winners learn to work with the aging process, meeting it proactively, realistically, and optimistically.

Smart yoga can address the symptoms of aging and our ability to cope with them. My upcoming blogs will map out how the body ages and how alignment-based movement and a yogic mindset can keep you at your best, no matter what. In the meantime, check out my 3-minute videos on Yoga for Computer Users, Yoga for Driving, and Yoga for Side Sleepers, Yoga for Belly Sleepers, and Yoga for Back Sleepers, where you’ll learn how to stop harming your body today!

Stay tuned for how a yogic outlook of high spirits, curiosity, and delight will allow you to surmount life’s apparent roadblocks with grace and dignity—and have some fun along the way! Check out my book Hip Op: Beyond Recovery! to discover how these powerful tools got me through a life-changing surgery.

I can’t and won’t promise that yoga will fix everything. What it will do is restore your body/mind/nervous system to optimal functioning (“resilience” in today’s parlance) so that you can handle whatever comes your way, from degenerative joint disease to Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis to menopause, hypertension to poor sleep.

I’ll give you the facts on aging—the downsides, how yoga can help, and the real upsides of growing older. Send me your questions and concerns, and I’ll try to address them. Need individual attention? Contact me for a free consult. If I can’t help you, I’ll point you in the right direction. You don’t have to go it alone!

Yoga News February 23, 2023

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