Fall Yoga with Lois!

In just the past two weeks, we’ve passed through Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, the first day of school, and today is the fall equinox. We’ve officially turned the corner into fall! Many of us associate September with going back to work, leaving behind the playful days of summer. I feel lucky to be able to play for a living, helping my students to bend and stretch, build strength and recover their balance, through the childlike play of moving their bodies through yoga’s deceptively powerful poses.

But on a deeper level, Tantric philosophy tells us that all of life is play—indeed, that the divine spirit “plays” us all into being purely for the delight of experiencing itself in infinite forms. When we play, we are aligning with this high intention, as well as having a good time! For Tantra also reminds us that life is a precious gift to be valued, savored, and enjoyed! You’re not here because you piled up bad karma in past lifetimes; you’re not here to redeem yourself and rise to heaven in the afterlife. Human life is dear. So if you wake up thinking your day is a list of chores, try this simple game:

Instead of saying, “I’ve got to do this, then I’ve got to do that, then I’ve got to do this other thing . . .” Say, “I get to do this, then I get to do that, then I get to do this other thing . . .” As in, “I get to shower, feed my kids, do some yoga, play at my job, have lunch outside, notice the bizarre array of individuals on a single city sidewalk, feel the sunshine bouncing off the mirrored glass of a midtown skyscraper, spot whales out on the Atlantic . . .” Each day is full of wonderful privileges—moments not to be taken for granted, not to be missed!

Yoga News Sep 22, 2021

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