Month: March 2022

What’s The Point?

Okay, I get it—there’s a ton of blogs out there. I know because I read through dozens before launching my own, just to be sure I had something to add to the virtual multi-logue. Everyone’s a writer these days, and everyone clearly believes they have something to say. Does anyone pay professional writers anymore? or

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The End of “Styles?”

Time was, everybody had a yoga style: Iyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Anusara. Everyone, from teachers to students, seemed to know, if not what they were doing, at least what it was called. These monikers became so much a part of us that even Spellcheck stopped autocorrecting them. Some styles, like those mentioned above, sprang from the

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Props: Who Needs Them?

If you grew up (yogawise) using props, you may be surprised to learn that the props we know and love are less than 50 years old. For many, yoga would not be yoga without: mats, straps, blocks, blankets, chairs, sand bags, bolsters, and other more elaborate paraphernalia (think: the wall or ropes and rings, resembling

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Dear God, What’s for Dinner?

In which I drift off topic into Related Subjects Before the American Yoga Boom, I could ground any cocktail party chatter to a halt by announcing that I taught yoga. Suspecting that I belonged to some Hindu cult, or that perhaps I wasn’t quite “all there,” most people would discretely fade back or suddenly move

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Boredom: It Could Happen To You

I’m an object in motion.  Watch me try to sit still: some part is always agitating.  My foot swings under the table, my fingers tap my water glass, I twirl my hair. Even in meditation my torso spontaneously gyrates above my pelvis.             And that’s only what you can see on the outside.  Under the

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