2020-05-04 Abbreviated Virtual Classes and More

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Dear Students, Friends, and Colleagues,
As I zigzagged my brand-new vacuum cleaner around the living room today, I pondered how many of us have become just a wee bit obsessive about cleaning—or have been forced into action as the dust bunnies, crumbs, sand, and whatnot took over.
While housekeeping done right provides a rather strenuous workout, I can’t say it’s doing much for my inner well-being. Yoga does. The Sanskrit term yoga chikitsa (yoga therapy) suggests that yoga purifies and tones our body-minds: it restores mobility, clears energy pathways, and sweeps the cobwebs from inside our heads.
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You don’t need a new appliance or any special equipment.
And you can do it at home.
With me.
So put down the Lysol and give an hour of your day to yoga. I promise when you’re done, the dust-bunny cluster won’t seem so distressing. 🙂
Links to all live and recorded classes below.


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Join me for classes via Zoom
Tuesday 3:30-4:45
Meeting ID: 302 775 936, Password: 469519
Thursday 3:30-4:45
Meeting ID: 496 932 678, Password: 402032
Sunday 3:30-4:45
Meeting ID: 308 867 093, Password: 647789
Download Zoom or dial in from wherever you are!
Venmo @lois-nesbitt or Paypal as Friends and Family
$10/class, $20/week
more or less as doable
*Check www.loisnesbittyoga.com for schedule changes.
Can’t join the live session?
Enjoy recorded classes on Vimeo any time!
Important Note to Live Zoom Class Students
The Zoom bombers have found me! Expect a couple of extra steps to enter class: you may have to enter the meeting number and/or password, you may be placed in the “waiting room” until I add you in. I’ll be on the meeting early to facilitate. If anything goes amok, text me at (917) 975-8009 so we can get you entered. Thanks for protecting our sacred space!
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Join me “at” Mandala Yoga for a Zoom class
Friday 3-4pm
Register up to 15 minutes before class.
Class cards and unlimited memberships apply.
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Begin, maintain, or expand your yoga practice with private sessions on Zoom or Skype! Just like when we are able to meet in person, I tailor each online session to your needs and offer verbal cues to keep you in top form. Sessions feature my signature blend of yoga, classic fitness exercises, and therapeutic techniques. Contact me via phone at 917-975-8009 or email for details on how I can serve you.
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My private rest-stabilized West Village apartment is available through the end of the year. I’ve also got two rooms to let in East Hampton through Labor Day and beyond in a house shared with other hard-working adults. All rates are extremely reasonable. Call/text 917-975-8009 or email for details.
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Lois Nesbitt, Ph.D., E-RYT 500, has practiced and taught yoga for 25 years. Known worldwide as an expert in the therapeutic benefits of anatomy applied to yoga, Lois has helped thousands of students in her group classes, teacher trainings, injury clinics, and private lessons to resume healthy yoga practices and lead happy lives. She attributes her skill in sharing complex ideas in simple and often playful ways to the excellent professors who mentored her at Harvard and Princeton.

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