Yoga can help everyone to live happier, healthier lives. But lots of things get called “yoga” today, and yoga is vast and varied. The trick is finding a practice that works for your body, mind, and spirit.

I can help. Tell me what you’re seeking, and I’ll help you find the way.

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Lois has a wonderful rapport with people of all cultures and ages. Her ability to connect with students while conveying the teachings is truly superior. She brings a wealth of knowledge, professionalism and passion to all. She is an inspiration and a gift to our community.​

- Erica V.​

Lois is a gifted orator and simplifies some of the most complex concepts and poses with amazing ease and thoughtful intelligence. Lois is one of a kind. Put quite simply, she is brilliant and one of the greatest teachers (and teachers' teachers) of our time.

- Daniel Z​.

Lois is one of the world’s most qualified teacher trainers in all facets of yoga. She brings a unique combination of her intellect, her physical ability to practice most advanced yoga poses, and her passion to teach. She is always authentic and transparent, inspiring students to grow. I have learned to integrate yoga in my life way beyond my initial imagination.

- Shig O.


Yoga And The Active Life

Yoga and The Active Life Most yoga students are active people. Yoga is only one box they check on their day or week of sports, fitness, and overall health. Many come to yoga with some vague goal of “stretching.” But very few know that yoga can enhance their abilities–and their enjoyment—of running, swimming, surfing, tennis, golf, skiing (downhill and cross-country), basketball, softball, soccer, and all other sports. Intelligent yoga can also supplement or replace classic fitness, weight training, and cardio ...
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